Lighting delima

Our house renovations are under way. I have all these little opportunities to add big impact. One is with lighting. Specifically hall way/laundry room/entry way lighting. There are other lighting areas that still need to be done but for now this is where I am working.

Currently we have some really ugly cheap lighting fixtures in these areas. In the hall and entry way the fixtures have a grapevine design. The laundry room and up stairs are tacky builders brass lighting. Screenshot_2015-05-23-10-03-16-1

I really want to put up school house lights. Home depot has some for a really great price, and they look super nice.  My husband is very opposed to this idea since we have 8 foot ceilings in all of these areas. I told him he could just duck when going under the lights…that didn’t fly. LOL!

So we purchased some basic fixtures that have dark rims and light beige bowls. They will match nicely with our ceiling fans. How ever I feel like I am missing a great opportunity for huge impact!

Well for now they are going to remain in their boxes. Perhaps I will exchange them or perhaps not…20150523_095855-1


Hello world!

IMG_1802My name is Michelle and this blog is dedicated to my house of fish! My husband’s name is Catfish and we have two little boys, Guppie (Thomas) and Minnow (Christian).

We have only lived in our current home for about a year now, but my husband refers to our home as the house that healed him (More about that later). This blog is going to chronicle all our renovations. Although it already feels like a forever home to my husband I need to create a home out of a house. A home for all my fish and myself!

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Michelle M.